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Sat 2 Dec 2023 ¦ Football Kit Home

Win your club's Football Shirt!

Thanks to those who entered the competition. The correct results are below.

We have listed the correct answers below and how many got them right.

Only 3% of entries managed to get every answer correct and at random we have chosen one of those winners who is....

Ian Markison who lives in Kent. He has selected an Arsenal home shirt as his prize. Well done Ian.

Which club do these shirts belong to?

1. Sunderland
(77% got this right)

2. Blackburn Rovers
(91% got this right)

3. Argentina
(82% got this right - 4% said Man City?)

4. Nigeria
(Only 45% got this right 5% said Ireland and 5% said Werder Bremen)

5. PSG (Paris Saint Germain)
(62% got this right - 6% said Lyon)

6. Palermo
(65% got this one right)

7. Sporting Lisbon
(70% got this right - 13% said Celtic)

8. Japan
(The toughest - only 38% got this right - 18% said Portsmouth and 15% said Boca Juniors)

9. Liverpool
(66% got this right - 11% said Benfica)

10. Croatia
(Easy - 91% got this right)

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We will be holding another one before Christmas.

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